Don’t miss this amazing chance to win free homebrew for life through Great Fermentations competition!


The rules are very simple for this homebrew giveaway, you have 8 ways to enter with a maximum of 9 entries initially and 1 extra entry per order per day placed with Great Fermentations. One entry does require purchase, but 8 others are completely free.

You don’t actually win free homebrew for life, but instead you can win free homebrew for 15 years ($45 a month towards ingredients) and a Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy All-Grain Brewing System in either 5 gallon or 10 gallon size, your choice. The total price package is worth an astounding $10,000 in value. Along with the grand prize they are also giving away prizes every two weeks! The homebrew competition ends on Saturday June 17th 2017 and winner will be announced the same day.

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