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ipa steeleIPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale
by: Mitch Steele

If you are a hop head like me, IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale is a must read book. The book covers the history of the IPA and follows it through to the present day. This book provides a knowledgeable overview of the different variations and types of IPAs in todays craft beer and homebrew movements, and their associated challenges and disparities. IPA ingredients are covered in-depth in both description and usage. That information then lends itself to the final section of the book that provides 48 different IPA recipes. The recipes don’t give amounts, instead it gives percentages requiring you to use the previous section to adapt the recipes to you homebrew system and efficiencies.

Book Synopsis:

Explore the evolution of one of craft beer’s most popular styles, India pale ale. Equipped with brewing tips from some of the country’s best brewers, IPA covers techniques from water treatment to hopping procedures. Included are 48 recipes ranging from historical brews to recipes for the most popular contemporary IPAs made by craft brewers such as Pizza Port, Dogfish Head, Stone, Firestone Walker, Russian River, and Deschutes.