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designing great beers danielsDesigning Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles
by: Ray Daniels

If you have a few batches of beer under your belt and are looking to start designing your own homebrew recipes, Designing Great Beers is the book you want to read and keep on your shelf. The first part of the book will cover the grain bill, hop additions, beer color, water, and yeast, all of which help to solidify techniques used to come up with your own homebrew recipes. The second part of the book offers information and descriptions about beer styles and its corresponding ingredients. All this information is presented in both text and chart format, making for and quick and easy reference when needed.

Book Synopsis:

Designing Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide To Brewing Classic Beer Styles is more than just a recipe book or merely another “how-to” manual, it is an indispensable guide intended for brewers interested in formulating their own beers based on classic styles, modern techniques, and their own vision of the perfect beer. With more than 200 tables, Designing Great Beers offers brewers knowledge on the essence of various styles, giving them the needed insight to create their own beers. Author Ray Daniels provides the brewing formulas, tables and information to take your brewing to the next level in this detailed technical manual.